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Josh Stinton

Josh Stinton aka The Charity Adventurer

As a mindset specialist and adventurer, I give audiences insight they can use in their daily and professional lives on how to bring big goals to life.

I have made a career out of taking on the hardest physical challenges in the world in things I have no idea how to do, in order to help Charities help more Children. I use the insight I have gained to help the lives of others in the pursuit of their own purpose.

Why should the customer book you? I have stories that no one else can share - literally, I've got 3 world first records in activities that no one else has attempted yet. I show step by step how someone like myself with zero experience can achieve the impossible. Individuals, teams and companies will all gain from the case studies and models that I tailor specifically to their audience.

Click here to see my latest interview for Runners World Norway!

joshstinton.com                                                                                                                                         joshstinton.com/media                                                                                                                                                        youtu.be/uuWd1jt50Vk                                                                                                                                         youtu.be/huAyIHjMsbc

  • Josh Stinton som talare

    My lectures are engaging and funny with very serious insights that will capture the imagination of the audience and prove they themselves can achieve the impossible. My talk is focused on what the audience can achieve and how they can assess goals, passion and motivation when it truly means something to them. My story is there to entertain, but more importantly - educate.

  • Så arbetar Josh Stinton

    Results are best when presenting in person, but I can also present virtually if that is what is best for the organisation.

  • Josh Stinton erbjuder

    Keynote presentations Lectures in various lengths of time.. From 20 minutes to 90 minutes
    MC larger events
    I also provide workshops that have the audience work in teams and individually on designing their personal and professional future they will be extremely proud to attain.

  • Josh Stinton passar till

    Corporate events, Sales Kick-Offs, Team Building events, Festivals and large public events, Community focused events (such as TEDx), Workshops and training on corporate culture and behaviours.

Talaren utgår från Norge
Kön Man
Språk Engelska, Norska, Spanska
Nominerad till talarpris Ja

Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, I moved to Australia at 25 to complete my Bachelors and Masters degrees in International Business and Sociology. Following that I had a career in events working with large names like TEDxSydney, where I gained a passion for the stage and sharing ideas that matter. For 7 years I worked for PwC and KPMG as a business design specialist focusing on the psychology of teams and how to create engagement and action in the workplace.

From there I took everything I had learned and applied them to the world of adventuring, taking on the hardest physical challenges in things I have no idea how to do in order to pursue my ultimate passion, helping Children in need around the world. Over the past 7 years I have completed five huge challenges, gaining three world first records and I am just getting started. Next I will become the first person to run across the sky powering an airship with a human hamster wheel. I look forward to sharing how the lessons from these adventures, and the Children I have met and helped along the way can assist in the growth and engagement of your organisation.

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  • Mitt motto

    If your life story was a book, is that a book you would love to read

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