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Maddy Savage

Former BBC presenter and reporter Maddy Savage is a respected freelance foreign correspondent and moderator based in Stockholm. Her reporting on tech and innovation led her to be voted one of the 100 most impactful and influential people in the Nordic startup scene in 2017.

During her ten year career as a BBC staff journalist, Maddy worked on national and global news programmes and interviewed countless business leaders, politicians and celebrities.

While living in Sweden, she has focussed her journalism on Nordic business and tech trends and has been invited to moderate at some of the region’s most prominent startup and media events. But her background as a general reporter covering major news stories ranging from EU summits to the 2012 Olympics in London, means she can turn her hand to any subject.

Whether on stage or on air, Maddy fuses journalistic rigour and professionalism with a warm and down-to-earth presenting style that ensures both guests and audiences feel at ease. She is also available as speaker or panelist on issues including entrepreneurship, Swedish business culture, integrating foreign talent in Sweden and pursuing a career in the media.

Urval av tidigare beställare:
Women in Tech, Stockholm Tech Fest, NextM, Gather Festival, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, Telia Talks, me Convention (a SXSW collaboration), Slush, Nordic Business Forum, Stockholm Business Region, Svenska Institutet, Metro Sverige.

  • Effekten av att boka Maddy Savage

    Maddy’s BBC-background, native English-language skills and understanding of Swedish working culture will guarantee a high degree of professionalism at any event she works at.

  • Maddy Savage som talare

    Maddy has a warm and down-to-earth presenting style, ensuring that interviewees and audiences feel at ease. However her journalism background means she knows how and when to ask tough questions or challenge interviewees.

  • Så arbetar Maddy Savage

    Maddy is a hands-on moderator who enjoys preparing thoroughly for events and working as part of a team. However her breaking news background means she is equally able to work last-minute, planning and researching interviews for events with a fluid programmes within days or even hours.

  • Maddy Savage erbjuder

    Maddy offers BBC-standard presenting and interviewing skills as a moderator. She is also an engaging panelist on topics including entrepreneurship, Swedish business culture, integrating foreign talent in Sweden and pursuing a career in the media.

  • Maddy Savage passar till

    Business, tech and media conferences, breakfast discussions and seminars, after-dinner lectures.

Talaren utgår från Stockholm
Kön Kvinna
Språk Engelska

Maddy relocated to Stockholm in 2014 after falling in love with Scandinavia during a number of foreign assignments for the BBC. Her first job in the Swedish capital was as Editor of The Local Sweden, the country’s English-language news site which reaches a million people a month.

More recently Maddy has freelanced for media including US public radio network NPR, Monocle magazine, Time Out and The Huffington Post as well as the BBC. She has also hosted three seasons of The Stockholmer Podcast, showcasing inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs.

Outside of work, Maddy is a keen hiker and runner and has competed in races in the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, as well as Sweden. She is also passionate about travel and has visited 57 different countries.

Maddy holds both a bachelors and a masters degree in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University, as well as a masters degree in Broadcast Journalism from Cardiff University.

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15.000 kr - 60.000 kr

Telia Talks - Possibilities and leadership in Nordic and Baltic digitalisation

Pranav Kosuri, founder and CCO of Shortcut Labs

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