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Kathryn LeRoux

Kathryn LeRoux is a well rounded performer with over a decade of experience in many different areas. Her focus is on presentation techniques and performance, leaving every group with a new set of skills on how to approach your next business meeting or your next big speech. With several years of training in varying acting methods, she also offers lessons in acting through monologues or scene work.

On the side of stand-up comedy, she can also provide a lecture or a group lesson in joke writing and comedy presentation. But wait, there’s more! Last but not least, Kathryn also offers a one hour lecture on the cultural similarities and differences between the United States and Sweden, depicting both worlds hilariously and accurately. Overall, LeRoux invites you into her world, experiences and education. Whether she’s an MC at an award show, giving a lecture, or working on a group level, Kathryn is an excellent addition to any formal event, education or company function.

  • Effekten av att boka Kathryn LeRoux

    When you walk away from a lecture or a presentation with Kathryn, you will gain experience and knowledge on her given subjects. Giving you a sense of courage and self confidence that you may have not had before. LeRoux serves a combination of warm, welcoming energy and teaches various techniques, leaving you feeling ready for your next speech or presentation.

  • Kathryn LeRoux som talare

    I offer insight on how to become a better public speaker and performer, acting techniques and interesting perspectives on American and Swedish life.

    What is unique about me and what I do is my ability to make people laugh and feel comfortable. To make people feel confident when they have been insecure. There are many techniques to improve performance and public speaking, but confidence is the key to holding a powerful speech or a captivating performance.

    I am without a doubt the best choice for any English speaking conference, event or performance. My skills and techniques in teaching have been proven successful with business owners, students and actors alike. I have been an MC for over 100 events in stand-up comedy, corporate events and award shows. I am often remembered for being hilarious, professional and punctual, what more could you want?

  • Så arbetar Kathryn LeRoux

    Speech, interaction, practice. These are the fundamentals that you can expect from any of LeRoux’s presentations. In her one hour presentations, you get to know Kathryn personally through her background and experience of the subject. You will always walk away with new and helpful information, and hopefully a few laughs as well. In her group sessions, the motive is to get the group to work together as a team and also feel confident on an individual level. Speech giving is still one of the number one fears in the world. There needs to be an inclusive, encouraging environment to help people succeed in their goals. We work on supporting each other by practicing together and being supportive when it’s our turn to give a speech. When walking away from these educations, you will also walk away with techniques to practice at home to further your own education and prepare for your next speech.

  • Kathryn LeRoux erbjuder

    Acting lesson or stand-up comedy technique:
    Acting lesson:
    Meisner, Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, and Lee Strasberg are all some of the most popular and powerful acting techniques LeRoux has studied for the past 15 years. She can provide a one hour lecture, individual lessons, or train in a group setting. Working with monologues or scenes in varying techniques for theater or film.

    Stand-up comedy technique:
    Stand-up comedy has steadily become one of the most popular art forms in the 20th century. Some of today's biggest stars started in comedy clubs or in underground improv groups. “How does one write a joke? How does one write a good joke?” Kathryn can give a one hour lecture on joke writing, give individual lessons or train in a group setting. In a group setting everyone will get a chance to write material and test out their jokes in front of the group.

    Presentation technique:
    Growing up in the United States, LeRoux mastered presentation techniques early on. Before she studied theater, she was trained in debate and speech giving. Giving powerful speeches is about understanding the structure of the speech, learning to emphasize the most important words or phrases, strong diction, and most of all how to breathe through it. In one, one hour lesson you’ll walk away with key practices to help you with your next speech or presentation. She can also provide individual lessons or work in a group setting. In a group setting everyone will get a chance to practice the techniques and give a short presentation.

    American to Swedish culture education:
    “America is not just a country, but a way of life… I thought Sweden was just a country, but jantelagen is also a way of life.” In this one hour presentation, Kathryn shares her experiences growing up in America and what it was like to move to Sweden. She gives insight to cultural similarities and differences, all with a flare of comedy as she imitates both Americans and Swedes alike. This speech is both funny and inspiring to all ages and nationalities.

  • Kathryn LeRoux passar till

    Kathryn is suitable for a wide range of people! Younger students to corporate adults. As long as they speak english.

Talaren utgår från Stockholm
Typ av föreläsning Underhållande, Inspirerande, Kick-off
Kön Kvinna
Språk Engelska

Kathryn LeRoux is one of Sweden’s most original and exciting up and coming talents. She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado in the United States. Where she got her first experience in public speaking, competing at a national level for debate and speech giving. At 19, she moved to Los Angeles and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she refined her skills as a theater and film actress. She also has taken classes and has over a decade of experience in writing, speech giving and comedic improvisation. Upon moving to Sweden in 2012, she has performed in theater productions, flims, stand-up comedy and you can also see her on SVT’s new satire program SKAV which premiered last September.

Kathryn is highly skilled in working with people and gives a bright, fun energy to every performance or teaching experience. She makes people feel safe and welcome, and are able to break out of their shell to realize their full potential.

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10.000 kr - 50.000 kr

  • Mer om priser

    Stand-up comedy performance: 10,000-40,000 Master of Ceremonies: 20,000-50,000 Acting lesson or stand-up comedy technique: 10,000-40,000 Presentation technique: 10,000-40,000 American to Swedish culture education: 10,000

  • Mitt motto

    “First things first, breathe!”

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