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Josh Stinton

Coming from a business design background, working with two of the ‘Big 4’ management consulting firms, Josh Stinton uses his  business background to share models from his adventures that help teams and organisations work better. 

By creatively overcoming obstacles, adapting a growth mindset and using fear as a friend, he inspires crowds to truly write a life story they would love to read.

Josh Stinton dedicates his time to taking on the worlds hardest physical challenges in activities he has no, or very little experience with. The reason he does this is to support one new small charity at a time. Over the past three years he has become known as ‘The Charity Adventurer’, telling his story to audiences and media around the world.

Urval av tidigare beställare:
IAG (Australias largest insurance agency), Sophos – Bangkok, Suncorp Bank – Australia, TEDx, Ignite Sydney, Macquarie University Graduation and Oslo Business Design Forum.

  • Effekten av att boka Josh Stinton

    The audience can take away new inspiration which can be used to motivate teams, inspire leaders and help organisations adopt a ‘growth mindset’. His talks can also become workshops that use models that help teams identify opportunities using backcasting models.

  • Josh Stinton som talare

    High in energy, engaging and thought provoking. Josh clearly shares his story while taking listeners on a journey that inspires them to take action in their work and personal lives.

  • Så arbetar Josh Stinton

    He is very happy to adjust to client briefings depending on the outcome they are seeking. He is happy to give my presentation without a brief, but also very happy to have a briefing call with the client where he can understand “what good looks like” from their event, and what they are looking to gain from the talk. He has given a range of talks from serious, to funny and entertaining.

  • Josh Stinton erbjuder

    Josh is a high energy, clearly stated and professional speaker. His story is entertaining due to its funny content, inspirational from the stories of charity work he has done around the world, and educational due to the models that he shares from his experience.

  • Josh Stinton passar till

    All audiences including very large conference, including live-streaming, to small team leadership sessions.

Talaren utgår från Norge
Typ av föreläsning Utbildande / Informativ, Underhållande, Inspirerande, Kick-off
Kön Man

Bachelor Degree – International Business and Marketing
Masters Degree – Banking and Finance Regulation (Business Law)
Board Director for Macquarie University (6 years) – Australia
Manager of the Innovation team – KPMG Australia
Business Design Facilitator – 7 years experience working for large multinationals, government and higher education
Head of Europe for Red Leaf Group – an adventure based leadership serviceHigh in energy, engaging and thought provoking. Josh clearly shares his story while taking listeners on a journey that inspires them to take action in their work and personal lives.

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"Impressed by his humbleness and go-getting attitude!"

2018-11-20, 15:56

“I decided that Josh would speak at my first Business Design event in Oslo. I was very impressed by his humbleness and go-getting attitude. He is a very inspirational speaker, and was able to talk about the idea of backcasting and how he uses that in his challenges at Outspire. I thought it was very impressive, to see such will and power to succeed.” Rozina Sidhy – Business Design Meetup Oslo, Norway

"Incredibly intelligent and captivating speaker!"

2018-11-20, 15:55

“Joshua is an incredibly intelligent and captivating speaker. The way that he tells his story is powerful, humorous and real – and he also delivers thoughtful education and inspiration to the attendees of the workshops. We have received extremely positive feedback from our community from the workshops that he has facilitated and look forward to having him speak again at our future events.” Mary Hoang, Founder and Head Psychologist of The Indigo Project (https://www.theindigoproject.com.au/)

"Lasting impact on any audience!"

2018-11-20, 15:55

“Listening to Josh’s presentation, you can’t help but wonder, how can I make more of a difference in this world? Through his selfless act of supporting charities and combining that with his passion and purpose of adventure, his stories will have a lasting impact on any audience he presents to. I highly recommend Josh Stinton as a keynote speaker for any occasion or event, I look forward to having him back one day to speak at ours.“ James Thomas, CEO & Founder, Feel the Magic

"Brutally honest, hilarious and undeniably inspiring talk!"

2018-11-20, 15:55

“I lost count of the number of people who took me aside after Josh’s talk and said ‘Where did you find this guy?!’ As the event organiser for a newly launched adventure talk night series, it was really important that we kicked it off with a bang. My, did we do just that; thanks to Josh’s brutally honest, hilarious and undeniably inspiring talk. The trouble now though is how the hell are we going to make the second talk night as successful?” Henry Broydon Founder , We Are Explorers www.weareexplorers.co

Josh Stinton talar om:



26.000 kr - 42.000 kr

  • Mer om priser

    Josh often do workshops, price based on objectives required to cover, but average is 60,000 NOK.

  • Mitt motto

    “If your life story was a book, is that a book that you would read?”

Josh Stinton Show Reel

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